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The 21 Taras

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Small Tara


This Tara's Tibetan name is Tara Maja Chenmo. Now mayura is the Sanskrit word for "peacock," which is maja Irma byal in Tibetan, so she is the "great one of the peacock." Pea­cocks are especially associated with protection from poisons because it is said that the peacock eats poison and transforms it into the beauty of its plumage. Thus Tara Maja Chenmo's special activity is counteracting or dispelling inner and outer poisons. These might be from food, water, environmental pollution, or any type of unhealthy situation. Maj a Chenmo is also renowned for her compassion in pro­tecting infants and young children.

There's a beautiful traditional story about Tara's role in the great Nagarjuna's 96 childhood. He was born into a rich, high-caste Brah­min family. As was traditional, after his birth the sign-reader came to read the baby's palm. He told Nagarjuna's parents that their son would surely die after one week unless they did certain practices on Tara Maj a Chenmo. Although they were Brahmins and didn't want to do this Buddhist practice, they agreed and the threat to Nagar­juna's life was averted for that time.

When he was seven, his parents brought Nagarjuna to Nalanda University. At that time Nalanda was still quite a small university, with only a few temples and buildings. There he received initiation and transmission for the practice of Tara Maja Chenmo, realized it, and it is taught that he extended his life to over six hundred years. The Praise is:




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