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The 21 Taras

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Small Tara


The third Tara is named Tara Sonam Tobche. Sbnam means "merit." It's also often translated as "good fortune, prosperity" or even "luck." Tob is the Tibetan word which means "power, ability," and the means "increasing." Roughly translated, "liberator, in­creasing the power of prosperity and ability of merit" is the word mean­ing of this Tara's name. Other very popular names for her are Vasudhari in Sanskrit and Norjunma in Tibetan. The effect of practicing on this Tara of prosperity is not just that we will acquire external or material wealth, but also that we will develop inner or spiritual wealth. By prac­ticing on Tara Sbnam, Tobche, we can develop both forms of wealth. The verse of homage is as follows:




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